Monday, September 26, 2011

Girly Baby Leg Warmers

Ok First of all, I have got to say that I LOVE Baby Leg Warmers!!!! And there is a chance my Daughter has WAY to many, I have no idea how many but anyone in their right mind would a agree that no one needs more than 10 pairs of leg warmers, and she has way more than that (although I think I can safely say she has less than 50 maybe even less than 35...) The first few I made using a tutorial kind of like this one (couldn't find the one I actually used )

And now here is how I make my Leg Warmers. 
 Find some supper cute knee highs, and if they happen to be on sale at Target for $0.62 all the better.

Then cut off the sock portion leaving only the straight part.

Then zigzag stitch the cut edge pulling slightly to create a lettuce edge, I like to go around twice.

See how cute the ruffle look is!!! (you may want to use the other tutorial if you are making them for Boys or gender neutral)


Then put them on your sweet princess and try to go a good picture!

What should you do with the parts you cutoff...
why have yourself a pair of socks that match your daughters leg warmers, of course!!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weight Loss update

So I told you all back in February that I was going to try to lose some weight !
Well here is the long awaited update...


Half way to my goal weight!

And now...
Yup, so much for "weight loss" gained it all back and more!!
I am 22 weeks pregnant, due January 15th with my 3rd child!!