Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Manly" Apron

I have been feeling badly for poor Ryley, I hardly ever sew stuff for him (not that he notices or even cares!), so the other night I thought Ryley loves to help me cook in the kitchen (AKA lick the spoon!)
 He needs a apron!! 
So I confiscated one of Andy's gross jeans... 
How do you get a hole there anyhow???
Cut down the center of the pant leg.
Grab your victim to measure.
Cut out a apron shape.
Then I just made some bias tape, and used it to finish the edges,
and make ties and strap for around the neck 
And that is all... (needs pockets though doesn't?)
Maybe I made it a little to wide, however I think it is funny that our
2 year old body can almost fit in one my my husbands paint legs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super cute Knit Dress

I found this T-Shirt like knit fabric with this fun design for $0.73 

All I did was cut out the panels right along the edges
With right sides together I sewed along the black lines, zigzagged the rest.
made a long tie with some of the extra fabric and that was all.

Super cute simply dress for 73 cents and very little time.
(it took longer to cut out the panels then the sew the dress)

The only picture I got of the front of the dress with the ties.
(Please ignore the unpleasant display of my daughter sin nature!)

Weight Loss (maybe)


4 years and 2 kids later...
Hopefully soon this will no longer be a "Now"photo this will be my "before" photo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zoe's Valentines Outfit Part 3


OK so I sorta made the shoes up as I went so, this may not be very helpful!

First I traced her foot
Then I cut out..
2 Soles (out of felt)
4 Toes
4 Heels
 Then with Right sides together I sewed a quarter inch seem along 
the straight part of both the Toes and the Heels, I also sewed along the short seam of the heel.
then I turned and pressed them.

I  folded down the top of the heel, and sewed in a piece of elastic, taking care to not sew ON the elastic
Matched up the center of the sole and the toe, sewed around the edge, as close as I could.

Then I did the same for the heel.
It's a inside out shoe!
Note: that I clipped a hole in one of the layers of fabric covering 
the toes and ran the elastic through.
A little hand sewing!
 I don't recommend this step, kinda gross. 
then I made a little bow, put a little leftover binding around the center, 
and attached it with hot glue to the shoe
I used some  hot glue, to make some traction on the bottom, so that Zoe doesn't slip.
And there goes Miss Attitude, looking so sassy in her new outfit.

Zoe's Valentines Outfit Part 2

Note the matching Baby Doll Dress :)

I used this dress as the pattern for the dress/shirt. And I don't have pictures, but I sewed one side seem before moving on to the next step.

I took 2 long strips of fabric about 1.25 inches wide, zigged the edges, and then with my sewing machine set on the longest stitch and tightest tension, I sewed a basting down the center of each strip.(note I didn't have to gather the ruffle anymore what you see above is what I got for simply sewing with my sewing machine set on the longest stitch and tightest tension )

 Then starting on the unfinished edge of the side seem I sewed down the ruffle, following the bottom, leaving enough room to hem. I did the second ruffle the same way, just above the first ruffle. After I sewed them down I went back and removed the baste stitches.

Then with right sides together, (matching up the ruffles) I sewed the 2nd side seem.

Instead of interfacing and hemming I used binding to finish all the edges. And...
VoilĂ !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zoe's Valentines Outfit Part 1

Zoe's New Outfit!
Yesterday was Valentines Day! A perfect excuse to make a new outfit for Zoe, and I have decided that it should be the first (of hopefully many) Crafts I blog about. But I warn you, I have never taken a sewing class so I may not always do things "correctly",but here we go...

I used a pair of her pants as a pattern, making sure to leave a seam allowance and room for a casing. I chose to not do a side seam, so I cut the pants on the fold. 
I then sewed the inside seam for both legs, and pressed the seam open.
With right sides together I placed one leg inside the other, pining to match up the inside seam, I sewed the legs together. I then stay stitched the crotch and trimmed and clipped the seam.

Pressed and sewed a casing, added elastic.

I made a tube of contrasting fabric almost double the width of the leg.
Gathered it and sewed it right sides together to the bottom of the pant legs. 

Aren't they cute!

What is perfection?

Jesus! Everyone knows that jesus was perfect. I truly what people to see Jesus when they look at me, so that means I need to constantly striving for perfection!

This journey is not for the faint of heart, and I for one have a long way to go. And I'm not just trying to show the world Christ perfection, I'm trying to show the people with are the closest to me, My Family! I'm a stay at home mom, and a wife, my husband and my children are MY mission field. For them to become all they can be, I must be the best I can be. And strive to be the perfect wife and mother GOD made me to be.

Easy? No!
Possible? Not here on earth!
Worth Trying? Yes!